Automatic Telescopic Doors

The Zamtas Telescopic door system represents a significant advancement in door technology, offering space efficiency, quiet operation, and aesthetic flexibility. It’s an ideal solution for modern architectural needs, especially in situations requiring the efficient closure of wide spaces without compromising on design or functionality.

ZAMTAS Adptive150 Telescopic Door System.

Telescopic door is an innovative solution for wide doorway openings, integrating advanced design and functionality. This writing will provide a comprehensive overview of its structure, features, and benefits, aimed at understanding its utility in modern architecture.

2. Design Principle: Maximizing Space and Light One of the primary design goals of the Zamtas Telescopic door is to maximize the available opening while reducing the wall space needed. This is particularly advantageous in situations where wall or doorway openings are excessively wide. The telescopic design allows for the widest opening and maximum light in the shortest wall space.

3. Space Efficiency: Benefits for Wide Openings The system is particularly suited for excessively wide openings. It employs two or four-leaf telescopic sliding doors, offering an excellent alternative to regular sliding door installations. Due to their slimmer leaves, these doors require approximately 30% less space than regular sliding doors. They can close large openings, up to 4,000 mm in width, efficiently.

4. Quiet Operation and Innovative Technology A standout feature of the Zamtas Telescopic door is its quiet operation. This is achieved through a combination of toothed, low-moving belts, rollers made of sturdy, low-noise plastic, acoustically decoupled running tracks, pulley guide ball bearing wheels, and a series of guides for the door leaves. Carefully designed guide profiles further enhance the silent, precision movement of these doors.



Activation and Safety Sensors.

Activation and Safety Sensor                    Wired Touchless Sensor        Wireless Touchless Sensor.

Facial Recognition Sensor



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