Telescopic Door Operators

The Zamtas Telescopic door system represents a significant advancement in door technology, offering space efficiency, quiet operation, and aesthetic flexibility. It’s an ideal solution for modern architectural needs, especially in situations requiring the efficient closure of wide spaces without compromising on design or functionality.

ZAMTAS Telescopic Door Operators

Bi Parting telesopic doors, Single Slide telescopic door operators for wider door opening requirements.


The ZAMTAS Adaptive150 Telescopic Door System is a leap forward in entrance solutions, crafted to enrich modern architectural design. It gracefully merges expansive access with inventive technology, providing a spacious and welcoming entrance without the need for extensive wall space. This article illuminates the design, functionality, and unmatched benefits of the Adaptive150 system.


Design Principle: Expanding Space, Embracing Light

At the heart of the Adaptive150’s design is a commitment to enhance every entrance. The system expands the opening potential while minimizing the spatial footprint required on the wall. Ideal for locations with exceptionally wide entrances, the telescopic mechanism offers the broadest access and an influx of natural light with minimal obstruction.

Efficiency for Expansive Entrances

Engineered for grand openings, the Adaptive150 system utilizes a dual or quadruple-leaf sliding configuration. This approach makes it a superior option over traditional sliding doors, requiring about 30% less wall space. The system can adeptly seal spaces as wide as 4,000 mm, rendering it an efficient solution for large-scale access points.

Innovation at the Core: Silent and Smooth Operation

The Adaptive150 system stands out for its quiet operation. This is attributed to its gently moving belts and rollers composed of durable, sound-dampening plastic. The acoustical separation of the running tracks, combined with pulley-guided ball bearings and meticulously crafted guide profiles, ensures the doors glide silently and with pinpoint accuracy.



Activation and Safety Sensors: Enhanced Interaction

Wired Touchless Sensor: For a seamless, contact-free experience.

Wireless Touchless Sensor: Offering flexibility and convenience in activation.

Facial Recognition Sensor: Advanced security and personalized access control.

The ZAMTAS Adaptive150 is more than a door; it’s a transformative addition to any space, promising efficiency, aesthetic appeal, and technological sophistication.







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