Heavy Duty Swing Door SW300

  • Great versatility.
  • Loading Capacity: 120kg-250kg
  • Independently-adjustable opening and closing speeds.
  • Microprocessor control.


ZAMTAS- AutoSwing300

Heavy Duty Swing Door Operator Single Leaf Door with door weight upto 350Kg.

Programmerale logic controller provision to interface with various building systems and has provision for  electric strike or magnetic lock, and with the management of the interlocking function between two automatic doors. The digital controller allows the system diagnostics, access to the information area, and the detected error storage. The management of the safety sensors, the moving forces check, the reverse of direction in the presence of obstacles, make Neptis extremely safe and comply with European standards.

The technology and software enable high performance, reliability, and safety.

Technical Data:


Size: 610x 90 x 128mm ( L x W x H)

Weith operator     13.5 Kg

Maximum Loading Capacity: upto 350K  door weights

Power Supply: AC 100 – 240V AC

Power: 95W

Power Supply of External Accessories: 24VDC, 1A

Electric Motor: 24VDC

Protection Rating: IP21

Operating temperature: -15 to +50 Degree Celsius

Reaction to Obstacle: Reverse direction Operation


Sensors for activation and safety for swing doors.


Safety Sensor -4SAFE

Activation and Safety Sensors

Touchless Door Opening Sensors wired and wireless options



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