Automatic Swing Door SW100

Swing doors with spring closing system.


ZAMTAS ARIA SW100 has a new, elegant design with high aesthetic cleanness. It is an operator for single- or double-leaf swing doors and is ideal for continuous operation. It is available in a version with automatic opening and closing with the spring system and

Is recommended for public locations, such as
Hospitals or healthcare facilities,
Locations open to the general public such as hotels, offices, shops, and banks,
As well as in residential settings.

It is activated using
Buttons, sensors, and key-operated or rotating selectors.

Various parameters can be selected, including the Push and Go function, which is essential whenever you want to activate automatic opening by an initial manual push. With its low-energy function, which enables the door to be opened with low energy and speed, Aria is particularly suited to settings where there are people with mobility problems.


Technical Data:

Power supply full range 100-240 Vac | 50/60 Hz
Power consumption 70 W
Power consumption in stand-by 3 W
Accessories power supply 24 Vdc = / 1 A max
Opening time 1,5÷10 s / 90°
Closing time 1,5÷10 s / 90°
Maximum torque 28 Nm opening | 18 Nm closing
Operation type motor-driven opening | motor-driven closing
Type and frequency of use continuous operation = 100%
Operating temperature -15°C / +50°C
Protection degree IP31
Data backup memory USB flash drive

Sensors for activation.




Our compact laser
sensor and active
infrared sensors are
designed to ensure the
safety of people using
swing doors.
Model: EAGLE || uni and bi drectional
sliding doors opening
The EAGLE is a microwave
a sensor that can be mounted
on all types of automatic doors.

Touchless Activation Switch

Sensing range from 100mm to 200mm

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