Heavy Duty ZAMTAS Adaptive150

ZAMTAS Adaptive automatic sliding door operator with overall track heigh of 115mm is a flexible automatic door system that can be adapted to wide access configurations.


  • The ZAMTAS automatic sliding door operator has been designed to adapt to the widest design needs.
  • Easy installation fully self-Learning
  • Adaptability and flexibility Simple mechanics and reduced number of components
  • User friendly Safety with sensors that prevent any possibility of risks.
  • Standard power supply 220-240V/50-60Hz
  • Operating temperature -15ºC to 70ºC
  • Anti-panic rechargeable battery 24V

Safety: Designed in compliance with the safety standards EN16005 Durability: 2 million cycles tested at an accredited laboratory Movement: Silent and dynamic movement on opening and on closing Use: Intensive Encoder: Precise control of the door positioning.

ZAMTAS Adaptive 150 digital microprocessor controlled, with intensive brush dc motor.
The Adaptive 150 can be used for automation of single and double leaf doors, with door weight up to 200 kg per leaf.

Powerful: The right operator for large size and heavy doors.

Safety: Designed in compliance with the safety standards EN16005.

Model: ZAMTAS- Adaptive150



  • Heavy Duty Operator can carry door weights upto 200kg for single leaf
  •  130 mm overall track height
  •  Replaceable track for longer service life.
  • Weather seal for protection against dust and particles, to ensure longer service life for the door’s mechanical components.
  •  Trolleys fitted with heavy duty wheels , 3 wheels per trolley providing anti-fall feature to keep the door in position during door panels movement.
  • Optional Battery Back up to provide un interrupted power supply during power failure.
  • Provision into interface with building security and alarm systems.
  • Using German designed 100W dunker motor or equivalent motor for long service life and provide easy operation for heavy doors up to 200kg per leaf.

Latest Digital Microprocessor Controller

Advanced Feature controller unit is created with cutting-edge components and technology. The controller  provided a precise movement control. It monitors the motor’s intensity & temperature, battery’s voltage & charge level, the electromagnetic lock position and the safety sensors. Motor force control system with obstacle detection for users’ safety.

Provides multiple modes of operation for door control , including , AUTO ENTRY ONLY, EXIT ONLY, MANUAL, FULL OPEN, PARTIAL OPEN –Adjustable and NIGHT LOCK MODE.

It also provides adjustable parameters for door control , OPEN SPEED, CLOSE SPEED, OPEN HOLD TIME, LOCK TYPE , PARTIAL OPENING Settings , CLOSE FORCE setting, Safety Reverse Force Setting.  All the parameters can be adjusted from wall mounted digital programmer,  password protected.

Digital Programmer also provides options for door setting and Learning at the time of the door installation to set up for new doors. Working days and times programming.

Built in receiver for Modes of operation remote switch , which can be used for selection of various modes of operation of the door system including  , AUTO, OPEN, LOCK, PARITAL OPEN, MOMENTRY OPEN to enter the premises when in NIGHT LOCK MODE.


Programmer and Modes of Operation.

The Wall Mounted Digital Programmer or 5 Position Mode  Key Switch can be used for  the
following operations:

  • Auto , Lock, Open, Exit Only , Entry Only
  • And Manual Mode which allows the door to slide open/ close  manually to lock or unlock in case a sliding manaual door lock is attached on the framed glass doors.


Advanced Technlogoly  digital programmer can be used to vary  the working  parameters for the door opeartion, to change opening / closing speeds,  opening and closing force as per door size and weight to adjust the safety open and reverse features,  Hold Open time for the door and related features with ease to access. no need to climb up the ladder to access the controller to vary these parameters as in old door controller.

  • Opening Speed
  • Closing Speed
  • Breaking distance for slow down phase.
  • Open Hold Time

Activation and Safety

For door activation , the sysems used Microwave motion and infrared safety sensors  combined combo sensors.

  • Internal Sensor :   Activation and Safety Sensor
  • External Sensors : Activation and Safety Sensor.
  • Interal Push Button:  Push to exit Switch for Emergency and After hours access
  • External Key Switch / Access Pad Optional:  Momentry Open Spring Key Switch / Access Controller Key Pad activation for unlocking and Entry.
  • Remote Control: Wall Mounted Remote Control for Various Modes of opertation and Activation  , Momentry Open, Full Open, LOCK, AUTO, EXIT ONLY, ENTRY ONLY Feature using RF Remotes , system comes with two set of remotes. Contorller Has provision to program these tansmitters and its an additonal feature to provide a control of door operation , parrallel to wall mounted key switch and Digital Programmer.


Technical Specifications

Over all Track Lenght and Height of the Track 2200mm     130mm 4200mm- 6000mm    130mm/

Door Type

Single Leaf

Bi Parting – double leaf doors



MAX  180 Kg per leaf

Opening Width



Workng Voltage

AC100-240V 50-60Hz

AC100-240V 50-60Hz

Adjustable opening speed by lateral / central leaves

from 0.4 m/s to 1 m/s –

 from 0.8 m/s to 2 m/s

Adjustable closing speed by lateral / central leaves

from 0.15m/s to 0.6 m/s –

from 0.30 m/s to 1.2 m/s

Back Up Battery

 24V Ni-cd 800mA same

Hold Open Time



Gear Motor

24V 100W 3600rpm

24V 100W 3600rpm

ambient temperature

-15 to +70°C

-15 to +70°C

protection class



  • Advanced Controller Heavy Duty System.
  • RF Mode Switch1 AUTO, 2 LOCK, 3 OPEN, 4 Exit Only, 5 Partial Open, 6  Momentry Open and Close.
  • Digtal Progammer / Data Adjuter for diffenet Parameter.
  • 100W 24V DC German Desiged Gear Motor



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