Telescopic Sliding Doors

Telescopic Sliding Door

  • 30 % more opening width for the same amount of space
    (in comparison to linear sliding doors)
  • Faster opening
  • Smooth, low-noise operation
  • Gives any entrance that special touch
  • Australian made


Telescopic Sliding Doors



  • System designed to give max possible door opening 
  • Australian Made 
  • Designed for New Standards 
  • Flushed Glazed doors allows doors to be parallel when open
  • High Security Electric Locking
  • Available in 2 and 4 doors modules
  • Energy Efficient Low Power Consumption


Quiet Operation

 Tracking system is dual linear, which is designed for high security and long life service. The carriage assemblies are fitted with unique track wheels that eliminates the possibility of the doors disengagement from the track.


Advanced Technology

 The technology utilises the latest in digital microprocessor technology, giving the control unit multiple programmable modes including: – provision to interface with building security system, monitoring the doors position and locks status, built-in UPS.

The microprocessor operating parameters can be adjusted to accommodate various climatic conditions and specific site requirements in relation to speed, braking etc. Safety is a priority: The microprocessor will automatically reverse operation while the door is closing, should the doors be obstructed.

Photo electric or active infrared safety sensors are recommended to focus across the doorway to halt and open the doors immediately upon the sensor detecting an obstruction.


Single slide Telescopic layout sheet for centrally glazed doors


Where y > 2260 : – Z = y – 250mm /1.5 Where y < 2260 : – Z = y – 920mm Minimum length unit 1920mm  to give Z = 1m



The ideal choice as the representative entrance for your company or enterprise. Particularly suited to hotels, restaurants, hospitals and airports.

Well suited to special retail outlets such as jewellery and watch shops, bespoke fashion stores and opticians.


Technical Specifications
Opening width maximum 2500 mm
Operator length up to 4000 mm
Total combined weight for 4 doors system 240 Kg
Total combined weight for 2 doors system 160 Kg
Opening speed per leading edge leaf variable 100-1000 mm/sec
Closing speed per leading edge leaf variable 25-1000 mm/sec
Door open dwell time, variable 0-60 sec
Manual opening/ closing force <130 N
Operator size height/depth 240 mm / 160 mm
Fail safe/ fail secure Yes / Yes
Airlock function Yes
Press closed function Yes
Climate control (reduced opening) function Yes
Noise attenuation  32 db
Keypad control Optional
Safety stop Yes
Safety return Yes
Safety beam shut off when closed Yes
Fire alarm activation Yes
Chime outlet Y
Exit only function Yes
Battery Backup Yes
UPS when locked  Yes
UPS in all conditions Optional
Open closed positional signal Optional
High security electric locking Optional
Locked / unlocked signal Yes
Open closed positional signal Yes
Memory setting retained without power Yes
Operating Power 24 Volts
Appliance Rating 40 Watts
Memory setting retained without power Yes
Power supply 240V/10Amp
Solar power operation Optional
Frameless Telescopic Closed Partialy Opened
A narrow entrance way Telescopic door allows max opening
Confined doorway space Maximum door opening using flush line glazing

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