Sensors And Accessories

Motion Sensors
Activation Sensors
Safety Sensors
Access Control

Activation Sensors:

Eagle sensor

Microwave uni & bi-directional sensor
Model: ZAM-204GD (Uni Directinal Sensor

, ZAM-204G (Bi directional Sensor)

Used for the automatic doors mainly sliding
and swing door systems



Combined Sensor
Model: ZAM-2IN1 SA (2in1 safety and activation sensor)

Used for automatic sliding door,
folding door and Curve door.
Radar technology is for door activation;
Infrared technology is for door safety entrance.

Contact Less Switch

Used for the activation of
sliding and swing doors
replacing the manual switch.

Opening Sensor for industrial doors
Model: ZAM-FAL

Used in the high-speed roll-up doors to activate
it through a large range.

Download Pdf Document Here

FLY passive infrared sensor for small automatic doors

Activation sensor for revolving doors
Used in the activation of the revolving doors
with surface mounted design.


Safety Sensors:



Safety sensor used in swing & revolving doors

Used can detect moving or standing object
in the selected space to confirm
security of the object.

Infrared Presence Detector
Model: ZAM-IPD

Especially for revolving automatic door,
sliding door in order to confirm the safety of people.
Available in recessed and surface-mounted installation options.

Automatic Door Presence Detector
Model: ZAM-DPD

Used for detecting the moving

or existing objects for the safety of the object.

Wireless Infrared Detector Sensor
Model: ZAM-WIS

This sensor can be used as a safety sensor or
an activation sensor according to the need.

Safety Beam Sensor
Model: ZAM-SBS

This sensor has a transmitter and receiver making a
shielding line for the safety of the doors.



Wireless Hand sensor switch
Model: ZAM-WHS

Get rid of the wires and connection and
install a clean wireless handwave sensors

5 Function Selector
Model: ZAM-5FSS

Used in the selection of the mode in
sliding door functionalities.

Foot Sensor Switch
Model: ZAM-FS

Used to activate doors by using the wave of a foot
and it is installed on the floor.

Model: ZAM-MIC

Infrared Beams

Safety sensor for the guidance

Plug & Play

Activation sensor for
guidance system
Model: ZAM-GS-1

Customizable Auto Door
Remote Controller
Model: ZAM-ARC

This is a remote controller for
your auto door as the options
available are: Full Open, Unidirectional,
bidirectional and Full Lock.

Electromagnetic Lock
Model: ZAM-EML

This is used in the swing door system for the
locking of the door electromagnetically.
This ensures high security.

Magnetic Card Reader
Model: ZAM-MCR

This is a access control system can work offline too
storing 5600 card information
for the authorization and giving access from the door.


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