Automatic High Speed PVC Roll Up Doors

ZAMTAS High Speed Auto-Roll doors can provide highly efficient solution to your opening. High-Speed Doors are an effective way of reducing the sound of noisy plant and guard machinery, saving energy consumption in heated or air-conditioned buildings and dividing areas in manufacturing facilities in order to prevent cross-contamination.

They may also be referred as Rapid Roll up Doors, Fast Industrial Doors or Fast Doors, are commonly used to control climate conditions of your workspace, warehouse, process room, cleanroom, or workshop.

The Rapid Auto Roll Door is reliable, durable, and provides a simplistic design that allows nonspecialist installation.


  • Custom made to size as per the application
  •  Door speeds up to 1.5m/sec
  • Durable reinforced 0.8 – 2.0 mm PVC Panel
  • Wind bars to resist air pressure (Reinforce able for Windy conditions)
  •  Aluminum columns
  • Brush or PVC seals
  • Single-phase programmable controller
  •  Soft start/stop
  •  Variable speed control
  •  Safety features, including in-line PE beam, and pressure-sensitive bottom rail
  •  Low maintenance


  • Pushbuttons
  • Pullcords
  • Motion sensors
  • Induction floor loops
  • Remote control
  • Photo-eye beams
  • Swipe cards and integration


  •  Yellow, Blue, Red, White, Orange, and other colors are available for selection


  • Indoor:  Cold Storages, Clean rooms, Hospitals.
  • Outdoor: Supermarkets, Warehouses, Car washes,  Workshops.

Activation and Safety Sensors:



The FALCON is a unidirectional
microwave motion sensor optimizing
the performance of automatic
industrial doors.

Download Pdf Document Here

Touchless Activation Switch

Sensing range from 100mm to 200mm
Model: EAGLE||uni and bi-directional
The EAGLE is a microwave sensor
that can be mounted on all types of
automatic doors.

Infrared Photocell

The infrared photocell can detect the

signal and transmitted it to the control

system to control the doorstop operation

or return up. The infrared distance from 1

meter to 15 meters; also can be set with

remote control together.

Download Brochure here.



Working Video:

The video shows the operation of high-speed roll-up door by Zamtas which demonstrates the safety at its most priorities using the PE beams and the safety reverse bottom bar.



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