Doors with Intelligence
speed up to 2.5m/s
No metal to metal contact
Counterbalance system, spiral design
Hard High Speed Door Industrial use


The high speed doors offers fasting opening and closing for high -traffic situations. It is made using rigid
aluminium slat construction that eliminates the need for a second security door. Among high-speed
doors, The hard high speed doors is revolutionary : Two door systems have been combined in a single
design. It is a burglar-proof, weather-proof, high-speed exterior door to meet different demands.
The hard high speed doors is an extremely fast, safe and reliable exterior doors. The door panel consists
of double wall aluminium laths, thermally separated profiles provide for the best in heat insulation. Any
require light entry will be constructed as necessary from multi-clear view laths of Acryglas. The widest
range of equipment and extensive accessories distinguish the high-speed spiral doors as the model for
the today’s door technology.



  • Radar sensors
  • Pull cord
  • Remote control
  • Loop detectors
  • Push button

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