High Speed Spiral Roller Doors

High-Speed Doors are an effective way of reducing the sound of noisy plant and guard machinery, saving energy consumption in heated or air-conditioned buildings and dividing areas in manufacturing facilities in order to prevent cross-contamination.

Doors with Intelligence
speed up to 2.5m/s
No metal to metal contact
Counterbalance system, spiral design
Hard High Speed Door Industrial use


The high-speed roller door combines the efficiency and space-saving qualities of a high-speed roller door with the efficiency and practicality of an insulated roller door to offer a door that can be used either inside or on the outside of a building – 2 industrial roller doors in one!! This is the future for all energy-efficient industrial doors with low maintenance costs and very low wear and tear from use.

The high-speed doors offer fasting opening and closing for high -traffic situations. It is made using rigid aluminum slat construction that eliminates the need for a second security door. Among high-speed doors, The hard high-speed doors are revolutionary: Two-door systems have been combined in a single design. It is a burglar-proof, weather-proof, high-speed exterior door to meet different demands. The hard high-speed doors are extremely fast, safe, and reliable exterior doors. The door panel consists of double-wall aluminum laths, thermally separated profiles that provide for the best in heat insulation. Any require light entry will be constructed as necessary from multi-clear view laths of Acryglas. The widest range of equipment and extensive accessories distinguish the high-speed spiral doors as the model for today’s door technology.



  • Radar sensors
  • Pull cord
  • Remote control
  • Loop detectors
  • Push-button

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Activation and Safety Sensors:



The FALCON is a unidirectional
microwave motion sensor optimizing
the performance of automatic
industrial doors.

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Touchless Activation Switch

Sensing range from 100mm to 200mm
Model: EAGLE||uni and bi-directional
The EAGLE is a microwave sensor
that can be mounted on all types of
automatic doors.

Infrared Photocell

The infrared photocell can detect the

signal and transmitted it to the control

system to control the doorstop operation

or return up. The infrared distance from 1

meter to 15 meters; also can be set with

remote control together.


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