Pedestrian Swing Gate

  • Features :
  • – Incorporation of Multiple Object and Passenger detection systems
  •  – Intelligent Pedestrian detection system
  •  – Australian Made
  •  – Designed for new standards
  •  – Quiet Operation
 - Energy Efficient


ZAMTAS Pedestrian Barriers: Enhance your pedestrian safety and traffic management with the addition of pedestrian barrier in parks, pedestrian concourses Ideal for busy public traffic intersections, in-plant offices, membership clubs, work platforms, Railway tolls. There are numerous options for size, time, and specification.


– With function of self-examine and alarm, it is convenient for maintenance and use

– Arm will pause when it is being blocked, which prevents pedestrian from being nipped

– Light and sound alarm is generated when the illegal invasion and a tail is followed

– One direction or bi-direction is optional

– Auto reset function: It will automatically lock if the pedestrian hasn’t passed through the channel in the pre-set time after the opening (adjustable)

– Automatically opens the gate when powered off and closed when powered on

– Several readers’ & devices can be interfaced i.e. IC, ID access control, fingerprint access control, barcode ticket access control, facial identification access control, time attendance machine)

– Directly controlled and managed vi Remote and Push buttons


 Designed for the use on Transit places

     • Airports  • Shops • Rail Tickets • Cinemas • Departmental Store and places where one way entry helps to secure the way.



Ped. Swing Barriers


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