The ZAM – AIO – AD is a microwave sensor which can be mounted on all types of automatic doors, irrespective of the surroundings. The ZAM – AIO – AD is a unidirectional motion sensor for standard automatic doors. The ZAM – AIO – AD can be used for high mounting up to 5 m. The ZAM – AIO – AD is a unidirectional motion sensor specially designed for self-monitored escape route doors. Configuration of parameters is flexible and easy via the remote control or push buttons


  • Energy-saving
  • Flexibility
  • Stability & reliability
  • Alternative mounting possibilities


Technology microwave and microprocessor
Transmitter frequency 24.150 GHz
Transmitter radiated power < 20 dBm EIRP
Transmitter power density < 5 mW/cm²
Detection mode motion
Min. detection speed 5 cm/s
Supply voltage 12V to 24V AC ±10%; 12V to 24V DC +30% / -10%
Mains frequency 50 to 60 Hz
Max power consumption < 2 W
Output relay (free of potential change-over contact) Max. contact voltage: 42V AC/DC Max. contact current: 1A (resistive) Max. switching power: 30W (DC) / 42VA (AC) In no detection status (current source ON) Max. open-circuit voltage : 6.5V Output voltage available at 10mA: 3V min. Typical load: up to 3 optocouplers connected in series, free of potential
Mounting height EAGLE ONE: from 1.8 m to 4 m; EAGLE ONE HM: from 4 m to 5 m from 1.8 m to 4 m
Degree of protection IP54
Temperature range from -20 °C to + 55 °C
Dimensions 120 mm (L) x 80 mm (H) x 50 mm (W)
Tilt angles 0° to 90° vertical; -30° to +30° lateral
Material ABS
Weight 215 g
Cable lenght 2.5 m
Norm conformity This product conforms to all applicable European Union legislation. Please refer to the Declaration of Conformity for further information.


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