High Flux LED Traffic Lights

High Flux LED Traffic Lights

The ZAMTAS Classic High Flux LED Traffic Lights deliver outstanding durability and energy efficiency with robust polycarbonate housing and adaptive brightness technology. Available in multiple sizes and voltage configurations, they provide versatile, weather-resistant performance for reliable traffic management.


High Flux LED Traffic Lights by ZAMTAS


The ZAMTAS Classic High Flux LED Traffic Lights are a beacon of innovation in traffic management. Engineered with cutting-edge technology, these traffic lights are available in diameters of 200mm, 210mm, and 300mm. They offer a versatile range of working voltage options to cater to various installation needs.

Key Features:

– Power Efficiency: High-intensity LEDs ensure significant energy savings.
– Adaptive Brightness: Integrated dimming function for additional power conservation.
– Robust Construction: Architecturally sound design withstands environmental challenges.
– System Compatibility: Fully SCATS-compliant with a standalone system controller.
– Versatility in Power: Operable on both low and high voltage settings—12 / 24V DC & 110 / 230V AC.
– Security and Durability: Modular and vandal-proof design with IP65 dust-proof rating.
– Sensor Integration: Optimized for compatibility with inductive loop sensors.
– Size Variability: Also offered in alternative sizes of 100mm and 300mm diameters.

Housed in a robust polycarbonate casing, the ZAMTAS Classic High Flux LED Traffic Lights to stand strong against mechanical impacts, severe weather, and harmful UV rays. Their UV-stabilized polycarbonate construction ensures longevity and consistent performance.


– Design: Vandal-proof with a combi signal option (ø 300 mm + ø 210 mm).
– Energy Efficiency: Low power draw paired with brilliant light intensity.
– Maintenance: Designed for straightforward servicing and upkeep.
– Longevity: Durable technology for sustained operation.

Choose ZAMTAS Classic for traffic signals that promise reliability, efficiency, and adaptability.


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