High Flux LED Traffic Lights

High Flux LED Traffic Lights

200, 210, 300mm diameter of High Flux LED moduels, avaiable in diffrent working voltage options.

Highly efficient LEDs enhance power savings
-Dimming function allows even further power
-Architecturally robust design
-The separate system controller is fully-SCATS
-Available in 12 / 24V DC & 110 / 230V AC
working voltages
-Modular, Vandal-proof design
-Suitable for inductive loop sensors
-Dust-proof, IP65 rated
-Also available in 100 and 300mm diameter


ZAMTAS Classis  High Flux LED Traffic Lights , with Robust Polycarbonate Housing

LED Modules are IP65, available in 12/24V DC,   85-285V AC working,    42/48 AC working

Manufactured using UV-stabilized polycarbonate, our Traffic Signal is particularly resistant to mechanical stress, adverse weather conditions and UV radiation. Its modular design and constructional snap elements allow for easy signal maintenance. Customers appreciate the flexible fixing options combined with the robust signal body design.


  • vandal-proof design
  • combi signal (ø 300 mm + ø 210 mm)
  • Low power consumption and brilliant light output
  • proven technology
  • easy access for maintenance
  • Lens with customised symbols on request
  • longevity and robustness of operation



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