Inductive Loop Detector


  • Accurate detection parameter adjustment with a guarantee of stability in the long term.
  • 4 frequency adjustments to avoid all interferences.
  • ABS function used to make the loop sensitive to raised floor vehicles, trail tillers or fork-lifts.
  • Possibility to define the motion direction on 2-channel loop controllers.

Model No: MATRIX-D-12-24

Technical Specifications:

induction loops
Tuning automatic
Detection mode
Presence time
1 min to infinity (permanent presence)

with 250 steps

Learning time
Max. 8 s per channel
2 Output relays

(free potential change-over contact)

Pulse time out
100 ms or 500 ms
Reaction time
25 ms for single loop
50 ms for dual loop (each channel)
LED signals
1 green LED : power
1 red LED : loop status 1
1 red LED : loop status 2
Mains frequency
48 to 62 Hz
Power supply
12-24V AC/DC ±10 %
230V AC ±10%
90 -> 125V AC ± 0%
Power consumption
< 2,5 W
77 mm (L) × 40 mm (H) × 75 mm (W)
< 200 g
Standard 11-pin round connector 86CP11
Temperature range
-30°C to +40°C
Degree of protection
IP 40
Norm of conformity
EMC : 2004/108/EC
R&TTE : 1999/5/EC


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