Automatic Sliding Door -NG Series

• STYLISH slimline design only 132 mm in overall track height.

• HI-TECH adjustable and packed with features. High security electric motor locking system with battery reserve back up. UPS Lithium (Uninterrupted Power Supply) can allow doors to continue to operate under a power failure up to 28hours after disruption.

• PERFORMANCE  NATA tested with 300kg doors to comply with Australian Standards. The latest sensor technology Digital microprocessor controller allows you to gain more control of the door operator.

• SAFETY Provides interface with building security and fire systems. Contains Zone activation sensor system that uses latest presence detection technology.

• VALUE FOR MONEY Compact modular design of motor drive system. Quality and performance at an affordable price.

 FUNCTIONS wall-mounted switch to select modes from :

  1. Auto: Doors are operated automatically via the movement sensors.
  2. Open: Doors maintained in open positions continuously.
  3. Exit: Doors remain closed activated only by exiting traffic.
  4. Lock: Doors remain closed and locked where optional electric lock function has been installed. Exit by way of emergency exit button.

An automatic sliding door operator that offers a precisely driven, stylishly designed, low-profile automatic door system that delivers world-class performance at a cost-effective price.

  • Machine has two models “A” Model stands for Aluminium door model and “F” model stands for frameless door model.
  • Maximum opening width – 4000 mm
  • An opening speed with double-leaf variable – 25-1300 mm/sec
  • A closing speed with double-leaf variable – 25-1300 mm/sec
  • Door open dwell time – 0-30 sec
  • Manual opening/closing force – <30N
  • Over-engineered to take total door weights of up to 300kg (max single leaf door weight of 150kg)
  • The main transom housing is hard coated anodised to give smooth operation of the exclusive dual-track system
  • No exposed wiring due to concealed wiring system.


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