Heavy Duty Sliding Gate Operator 600KG ,800KG , 1300KG

  • A totally integrated electrical mechanical system (excludes racks).
  • Manual release key in case of power supply failure.
  • All metal gears make it durable and long-lasting.
  • Gate auto stop and re-open when an obstacle is encountered.
  • Reliable magnetic  and spring limit optional.
  • Auto close time can be adjusted from approximately.
  • Nice design, heavy-duty working with copper motor (many suppliers use the aluminium motor ), copper worm gear.
  • Optional 600KG,800KG, 1300KG loading weight.





  • In case of power failure, use an Allen key to release the clutch, and push the door manually.
  • Gate auto stop and re-open when an obstacle is encountered.
  • Control board have a function for Pedestrian mode and condominium mode.

Technical data :

Item PYM A2204 PYM-A2201 PYM-A2405
Rated Voltage 220V±10%/110V±10

% 50HZ/60HZ





Electric motor 220VAC /110VAC 220VAC /110VAC 220VAC /110VAC
Motor color Blue/Grey/ Black
Rated Motor Power 250W 280W 380W
Gear Modulus M=4 M=4 M=4
Max Loading Weight 600KG 800KG 1300KG
Open/Close Speed 12m/min 12m/min 12m/min
Output Speed 50r/min±10% 50r/min±10% 50r/min±10%
Limit Switch Type Magnetic/spring Magnetic/spring Magnetic/spring
Max.Pull Force 1100N 1100N 1100N
Noise ≤55dBa ≤55dBa ≤55dBa
Working Temperature -20°C ~ +55°C -20°C ~ +55°C -20°C ~ +55°C


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