Automatic Sectional Garage Doors


ZAMTAS  Sectional Garage Doors

Are you looking for the widest possible choice? Best features? Top quality, exceptional ease of use, maximum energy efficiency and the best possible security? Then use ZAMTAS range high quality (NG Series) sectional garage doors with 45 mm insulation.

General Information.

A garage door is a large door on a garage that opens either manually or by an electric motor. Garage Doors provide a wide range of brands, styles and colours, designed with value for money and quality in mind, our garage doors will add a whole new dimension to your home. We have a Garage Door for single or double sized openings and the Modern Sectional Garage Door with an almost unlimited range of styles and colours or you can simply design your own door. Sectional garage door is made up of high quality panels, hardware and control System.

Features and Advantage of Insulated Sectional Door Panel Garage Doors

  • For private garages between 2250 and 5500 mm wide
  • High quality with a warranty of up to 5 years
  • Smooth running, superbly durable and stable thanks to a sturdy design that is extremely distortion-resistant
  • Maximum personal safety with anti-pinch feature inside and out (according to EN 12604)
  • Perfect functional reliability and easy operation with torsion spring with spring break safety feature on both sides
  • Available in a wide range of top coated surface finishes and colours (RAL of choice)
  • Available with automatic ZAMTAS operating system for enhanced user friendliness

Maximum Thermal and Acoustic Insulation

Our steel sections are exclusively manufactured in a double-skinned sandwich construction and filled with an insulating rigid PUR foam core. This ensures improved soundproofing and heat insulation, and quieter door operation compared with single-skinned garage doors. The flexible lip seals between the sections fit closely even at low temperatures. They prevent any heat losses and keep the dust out. Our NG Series sectional garage doors are filled with a 45 mm rigid PUR foam core to guarantee maximum acoustic and thermal insulation performance (heat insulation value K = 0.5 W/m²K).  

Available in different colours and designs

Our sectional garage doors with 45 mm insulation are available with six different weather-resistant, top-coated film laminates featuring authentically rustic wood decors with a smooth surface. In addition to the large rib pattern, you can now also order all the wood decors for flush and some raised panel patterns (not Winchester, black oak and moor oak). Italian Sheets are used for external Look.. High Quality …
Our  sectional garage doors with 45 mm insulation are available on request in a subtly grained Woodgrain wood texture or with an elegantly smooth  surface finish that repels dust and moisture. For further individualization, you can choose from 11 top-coated, attractively priced Super Colors/preferred colours and nearly all RAL colours.

The LED Lighting Kit

The LED lighting kit is recommended for showing off the best features of your garage door after sunset – and for helping keep trespassers off your property, too.
The flat lighting kit is designed to be space-saving when mounted underneath the header so that nearly all the passage height is maintained. Long-life LEDs provide very bright illumination yet consume very little power. The lighting units can be easily shortened to size on both sides depending on the width of the garage door to attain precise, symmetrical illumination of the garage door.
For more information Please contact us.

Garage Door Openers

Innovative Design Garage door Operators

Advanced technology ,modern casing with LED Lights. Our innovative operators are trendy and stylish with increased push/pull force. Innovative ZAMTAS garage door operators combine cutting-edge technology with the highest level of energy efficiency. Their impressive features include an optimised design, state-of-the-art LED technology, stability and enhanced performance. Safety Reverse Features, Easy to add optional Control devices. Smart Application for door control.  Blue tooth, GSM control Kits etc.

Technical Details of the Garage Door motors

Options 1, ZAMTAS- FS Plus 2 Series

  • Input voltage
  • Max. door area
  • Max. lifting force
  • Max. opening speed
    160mm/s 200mm/s
    160mm/s 200mm/s
  • Max. door height
  • Bottom base material
  • Drive mechanism
  • Lighting
  • Limit setting
  • Transformer technology
    Overload protection
  • Radio technology
    433Mhz/rolling code
  • Soft-start/stop

Premium Features

  • Travel Limit Setting
    Reversal Height Setting
  • Reversal Force Setting
    Reversal Height Ignorance Setting
  • Maintenance Alarm
    Half-Open / Half-Close / Height Setting
  • Automatic Closing Setting(Time & Height)
    Status Display Remote
  • Photo Cell ON/OFF Adjustment
    Maximal Remote Codes Setting
  • Travel Speed Setting(door dependent)
    Reversal Height Ignorance Setting
  • Warning Light
  • Pass Door Switch Type Setting
  • LED OFF Time Setting

Option 2, ZAMTAS- PRO-LINE series



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