Dynamic Pedestrian LED Traffic Light 200MM


Dynamic Pedestrian LED Traffic Light

  • High quality LED.
  • Quantity of LEDs: RED-68pcs, Green-314pcs
  • IP65 protection, Built in intelligence,
  • Long service life, Australian designed.
  • 200mm diameter.


Product Name: Dynamic Pedestrian LED Traffic Light.

Product Code: ZAM-T200-2DP-RG

Product Features:

  • Intelligent controller to detect the pedestrian clearance period.
  • Large viewing angle.
  • High efficiency and high brightness LED light source.
  • Designed to operate with latest integlligent traffic controller including RTA approved traffic controllers.
  • U.V Stabilise components.
  • Dual hinging doors.
  • Adjustable lantern mounting centres.
  • Multiple sealed, water and dust resistant.
  • Long life up to 70,000 hours plus.
  • Door locking clips available as an anti theft device.
  • Low maintence.
  • Fits standard 200mm and 300mm traffic signal light housings.
  • Compatible with existing Traffic Controllers.
  • Low veiling reflection.
  • High luminous output
  • Low sun-phantom intensity.
  • Energy saving upto 90%.
  • Comply with national standard GB-14887-2003
  • CE (EN 12368) approved and  RoHS compliant.
  • Can operate with solar powe


  200mm Dynamic Pedestrian Traffic Light


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