Contactless Switch

Open all kinds of automatic doors with a single wave of the hand! Make sure to reduce touchpoints to a minimum in environments in which hygiene and germ-control are essential such as hospitals, labs, supermarkets, warehouses, restaurants, toilets using this contactless switch from ZAMTAS.


One hand motion in front of the Contactless Switch Sensor can activate a door opening. It is mainly used in hygienic applications where the lack of contact with the sensor is required, but also for comfort reasons in hospital environments, hotels, restaurants, in the retail and pharmaceutical industries, and in logistics.

Nowadays people do not want to touch the switch which they feel insecure. This is the BEST Solution to minimize the spread of COVID-19. You can just place your hand in front of the sensor and it activates the door using infrared technology.

Concealed installation and homogeneous detection thanks to the radar technology.
Detection area adjustable between 10 and 50 cm.
The capability of keeping the door open with the switch mode.
Easy opening solution for low energy doors used by people with disabilities.


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