Automatic coolroom Doors

Zamtas introduces a recently developed, adaptable high-speed door offering resilience against chilly and severe environments. Preventing the escape of refrigerated air can be quite costly, which is why this innovative insulated rapid roll door incorporates a 6mm thick insulated panel construction. Drawing inspiration from our Series RU3000 door, the Series Cold-Shielded door employs a comparable design while enhancing insulation against both temperature variations and noise. This door is specifically crafted to accommodate opening sizes up to 5000H x 4500W and can be custom-made to fit precise dimensions.

  • The new version of fast-rolling door with high-speed isolation function. Ability to bear temperatures of -10-degree Celsius, and the cold resistant capability can be set according to customers demand as well.
  • The door curtain is a double-layer cold-resistant mesh with a thickness of 0.9MM, the middle insulation layer is 4MM, and the total thickness of the curtain is 6MM. The thickness of the insulation layer can be made according to customers’ demand.
  • The control system adopts PC waterproof box with the best waterproof seal, effectively isolation the water fog from entering.
  • The motor has the function of heating to prevent the low temperature from affecting the normal operation of the motor.
  • The door frame and the curtain can be installed heating system according to customer’ needs.
  • For more information on the product please visit: Cold resistant storage door


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