Automations for Sliding Gates

Automations for sliding gates used for

Residential Gates

Commercial Gates

Industrial Gates

Automations for  Sliding Gates

ZAMTAS has a wide selection of automatic sliding gate motors. Making the right choice concerning your automatic gate openers and motors will ensure the operation of your gate will bring ease and security to your life. Our gate automation experts will help you find the most suitable solution for your automatic gate and vehicle or pedestrian access control program.

Some of the factors to consider when selecting your automatic gate opener are:
· How often the gate will operate – this is commonly referred to the duty cycle
· Size of the gate & Weight of the gate
· Condition of the gate hardware hinges, roller, and wheels
· Speed of the gate and the gate operation system
· Traffic flow
· Number of users
· Speed at which you want drivers or pedestrians to enter the facility

Our European Desinged and Made motors 


Residential Use
Model: BULL
24 Vdc-Upto 450 kg
230 Vac-Upto 500 kg

Commercial Use
Model: BULL
230 Vac-Upto 1000 kg

Industrial Use
Model: BULL
230 Vac/400 Vac-Upto 2000 kg

Industrial Use
Model: BISON
400 Vac-Upto 4500 kg

Sliding Gate Opener
220 Vac Upto 600-1300 kg

zamtas gate opener

Sliding Gate Opener
220 Vac Upto 2000 kg



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