Touchless Automatic Sliding Doors

Main Features:
-Heavy duty Sliding door opertors for framed and frameless sliding doors
-Ease of access, and ideal for converting your existing manaul doors to automatic entry
-touchless entry doors , activation by toucheless buttons, mircowave montion sensors.
-Energy Efficient

Options for opening and closing of the door:
-Sensors or
-Remote control or
-Simple touch

Areas to use:
-Public and Commercial buildings.
-Shopping Malls
-According to your need and Many more.

Touchless Automatic Sliding doors.

Sliding Door opeartor Kits for framed and frameless doors used for commercial door entries.

Heavy dutys kits composed for complete sliding door system which can be used for various sliding door applications.


The following functions can be selected by the use of the mode switch.

  • Auto: Doors are operated automatically via the movement sensors.
  • Open: Doors maintained in open positions continuously.
  • Exit: Doors remain closed activated only by exiting traffic.
  • Lock: Doors remain closed and locked where optional electric lock function has been installed. Exit by way of the emergency exit button.

Activation:  using handwave touchless sensors, microwave motion sensors, access controllers, etc.

Automatic Door Operator and Kits for sliding doors:

 Frameless Door

Heavy-duty door system for sliding frameless glass door entries.

disable door
Pharmaceutical | Industrial Doors

Cleanroom doors


Hermetic Door

The hermetically sealing sliding door
has been specifically designed for use in areas where hygiene and the control
of air leakage is critical.

Automatic Door Sensors and Accessories for door Activation

  1. Activation and Safety sensors.

ixio-d for industrial doors

Model: Safety and Activation
applications sliding combined solution
The IXIO-D is a sensor that
combines radar technology for
the activation of the door and
infrared technology for user
Model: EAGLE || uni and bi drectional
sliding doors opening
The EAGLE is a microwave
a sensor that can be mounted
on all types of automatic doors.

Touchless Activation Switch

Sensing range from 100mm to 200mm

Download Pdf Document Here!

5 Function Selector switch




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