Automatic Revolving Doors

Security Functions:

  • Anti-clip,anti-pinch
  • Anti-collision
  • Anti-bump
  • Slow rotation for disabled people
  • Emergency stop function
  • Automatic speed adjusting

Advantages Summary:

  • Concise, Elegant
  • Economical
  • Intensive passenger-flow
  • Energy saving
  • Noise insulation
  • Dust reduction
  • Wind proof
  • Temperature and humidity keeping


Why Revolving Doors: Revolving doors allow for better control of the interior environment when compared to regular sliding or hinged doors. Revolving doors provides you a better control of the interior environment compared to a regular door. With a revolving door you can control the optimal temperature of the entire building more efficiently and reduce the heating cost at the same time. The reason for that is that with revolving doors, there is never a point where the air can flow freely between the conditioned atmosphere and unconditioned one there by maintaining the atmospheric integrity you desire that is cost efficient. Operation Modes:
  • The operations of revolving doors can be manual or automatic.
  • Continuous working mode.
  • Start/Stop mode
Surface Decoration:
  • Stainless Steel
  • Flourine Carbon Coating
  • Copper


Technical Parameters
Voltage rating Current rating       Power rating Motor Power Lignt Power
AC220V/50HZ 5A 500W 180W 200W
Standard Component List
Name PARD-ZS3000 PARD-ZS4000 If you make“√”, it means you choose that.
Automatic 3-wing revolving door Automatic 4-wing revolving door
(A) Revolving door size
No. Name Size(unit:mm)
1 Inner diameter 3828mm
2 Outer diameter 3958mm Note:bigger than inner diameter as 130mm
3 Installation door width 3968mm Note: bigger than outer diameter as 10mm
4 Passage width 3665mm
6 Passage height 2243mm
7 canopy 300mm
8 Total height 2543mm
9 Installation height 2553 Note: bigger than total height as 10mm
(B) Revolving door control system
No. Accessory name quantity Model and function brand Origin Note
1 Motor 1 set SA37DF63M4 SEW Germany Gear drive, 0.18KW
2 Automatic transmission system 1 set SA37DF63M4 SEW Germany
3 Gear(reducer) 1 set Make the revolving door stop fast SEW Germany
5 Inverters 1 set BFV00042G PANASONIC Japan
6 Electronic lock 1 set Motor lock SEW Germany
7 Rotary contact 1 set CAVOTEC 58-24/125/DV/So ZAMTAS
8 Program function switch 1 set Key function selector ZAMTAS
9 Intelligent control system 1 set Program can be renewable in time AUDOORMATICS USA
(C) Sensor, Safety system
1 Anti-collision sensor 4 sets ENT20 BIRCHER Swit. Install at the down side of the door leaf
Note:if the revolving door is 3-wing, then this anti-collision sensor will be 3 sets.
2 Anti-pinch sensor 2 sets ENT20 BIRCHER Swit. Install at the right side of the entrance
3 ENT20 strips 8 sets Pneumatic structure BIRCHER Swit.
4 infrared safety anti-clamp sensor 2 sets SMART FOCUS VJ13610 RB BEA Belgium
5 Jerk button 2 sets Schneider ZB2-BS844 SCHNEIDER France
6 Disabled button 2 sets Schneider ZB2-BC6 SCHNEIDER France
(D) Frame
1 Revolving door frame 1 set 6063-T5 aluminum extrusion ZAMTAS
2 Revolving door connector Full set 6063-T5 aluminum extrusion ZAMTAS
3 Ceiling Full set aluminum:with white carbon fluorine painting ZAMTAS Down ceiling
4 Revolving door curved glass 8 pcs 8mm curved tempered glass ZAMTAS
5 Revolving door leaf glass 4 pcs 8mm tempered plate glass ZAMTAS
(E) Accessories
1 Ceiling light 6 sets LED ZAMTAS
2 Revolving door seal brush several Natural wool ZAMTAS
3 Revolving door down seal brush several Natural horsehair ZAMTAS
4 Revolving door mechanical accessories several Bearingbasehardware accessories ZAMTAS
5 Glass mound layer several Revolving door glass airtight protection ZAMTAS
6 Anchoring 1 set Revolving door connector ZAMTAS
7 Dust-proof plate 1 set White fumigated wooden plate ZAMTAS
(F) Surface decoration(optional)
1 Fluorine carbon coating Full set According to customer’s sure of the color card ZAMTAS
2 Stainless steel Full set According to customer’s sample plate ZAMTAS
3 Copper Full set According to customer’s sample plate ZAMTAS
4 Note: 1-3 is optional, please make“√”after which the customer want.
After-sale Service:
1. 18 months Warranty


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