Automatic Revolving Doors

Security Functions:

  • Anti-clip,anti-pinch
  • Anti-collision
  • Anti-bump
  • Slow rotation for disabled people
  • Emergency stop function
  • Automatic speed adjusting

Advantages Summary:

  • Concise, Elegant
  • Economical
  • Intensive passenger-flow
  • Energy saving
  • Noise insulation
  • Dust reduction
  • Wind proof
  • Temperature and humidity keeping


Why Revolving Doors?? Revolving doors allow for better control of the interior environment when compared to regular sliding or hinged doors. Revolving doors provides you a better control of the interior environment compared to a regular door. With a revolving door you can control the optimal temperature of the entire building more efficiently and reduce the heating cost at the same time. The reason for that is that with revolving doors, there is never a point where the air can flow freely between the conditioned atmosphere and unconditioned one there by maintaining the atmospheric integrity you desire that is cost efficient.


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