Automatic High Speed Roller Doors

  • Designed to withstand equipment impact.
  • Designed to sustain heavy usage with minimal maintenance.
  • Safety and Security

Used in :

  • Warehouse Load-in/Load-Out doors – for bird, dust, insect or temperature control
  • Food production doorways – for hygiene, zoning, temperature control
  • Coolrooms and Freezers – for temperature control
  • Logistics & Transport – for security, zoning, traffic control
  • Grain, Milling industries – for dust control
  • Car Washes – for spray control
  • Pharmaceutical – for positive pressure regulation, hygiene control.

Industrial doors are an important part of your business flow, facilitating logistics, and increasing security. High-speed doors are typically designed to integrate with the traffic movements within your organization, whether that be pedestrian traffic, forklifts, vehicles, or automated conveyors.

Mode Of Activation:

  • Pushbuttons
  • Pullcords
  • Motion sensors
  • Induction floor loops
  • Remote control
  • Photo-eye beams
  • Swipe cards and integration
  • Manual

Range of Products:

Automatic Industrial Doors


Automatic Industrial Doors

Rapid Roll Up Door

Automatic Industrial Doors

Automatic Sectional Doors

Automatic Industrial Doors

Fire Rated Roller Shutter Doors

Activation and Safety Sensors:



The FALCON is a unidirectional
microwave motion sensor optimizing
the performance of automatic
industrial doors.

Download Pdf Document Here

Touchless Activation Switch

Sensing range from 100mm to 200mm
Model: EAGLE||uni and bi-directional
The EAGLE is a microwave sensor
that can be mounted on all types of
automatic doors.

Infrared Photocell

The infrared photocell can detect the

signal and transmitted it to the control

system to control the doorstop operation

or return up. The infrared distance from 1

meter to 15 meters; also can be set with

remote control together.

Other Accessories that can be integrated:

Automatic Industrial Doors

LED Loading Dock Light


Automatic Industrial Doors

Dock Leveller

Some Projects:



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