Automatic Bollards

Available types:

  • Electro-mechanical Automatic bollard.
  • Pneumatic Automatic bollard.



  • Electronic control, rise/fall automatically
  • Use air as power, environmental
  • No strong current construction, high security
  • Unified control,assembled power and control units, easy maintenance
  • High responding speed, support direction changes during running
  • Provide better cost-effective assemble


Access mode

In access mode, each PCC can control 1-3 pneumatic-automatic bollards. Bidirections control valve, strong power, quick rise/fall, support direction changeduring running and no circuit construction (despite of LED demand). It can have 3 times of operation in power off condition, convenient for some emergent occasions.



In square mode, each PCC can control 20 bollards.Distance can arrive to 50m; can be controlled by one or several units. You can debug every bollard in the whole system to keep the consistency. Power ofmode can be set as NOanNCmode to secure the safety


Automatic Bollards

Datasheet for Automatic bollards

 Download (187.42k)

Electro-mechanical Bollard

Datasheet for Electro-mechanical bollard

 Download (462.22k)

Pneumatic Bollard

Datasheet for Pneumatic bollard

 Download (1.25M)


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