Genius – Ultraslim 73mm Profile

Following functions are to be selectable through a wall mounted key switch

  • Auto; Doors are operated automatically via the movement sensors.
  • Open; Doors maintained in open position continuously.
  • Exit; Doors remain closed activated only by exiting traffic.
  • Lock; Doors remain closed and locked where optional electric lock function has been installed. Exit by way of emergency exit button.



ultraslim 73mm sliding door feature image
  • Ultraslim Modern Design
  • Australian Made
  • Designed for New Standards
  • Compact Modular Motor Design
  • High Security Electric Locking
  • No Exposed Wiring
  • Energy Efficient Low
  • Power Consumption

Advanced Technology

ZAMTAS have utilized the latest in digital microprocessor technology and motor design to achieve the ultimate slim design door tracking system of only 73 mm in height. The Genius Ultraslim delivers maximum performance and reliability in a compact track housing, whilst still providing all the features of the revolutionary NG series door operators. The door control unit offers multiple programmable modes includes: auto/lock/exit/hold open/climate. Other provisions include: interface with building security system, monitoring of the doors position and locks status, built-in UPS, monitoring of door safety systems and fire control interface. The microprocessor operating parameters can be adjusted to accommodate various climatic conditions and specific site requirements in relation to speed, braking etc. Safety is a priority: The ZAMTAS microprocessor will automatically reverse operation while the door is closing, should the doors be obstructed. Photo electric or active infrared safety sensors are recommended to focus across the doorway to halt and open the doors immediately upon the sensor detecting an obstruction.

Quiet Operation:

Tracking system is dual linear, which is designed for high security and long life service. The carriage assemblies are fitted with unique track wheels that eliminates the possibility of the doors disengagement from the track.

High Security Locking

The Next Generation Series operators utilizes a purpose built motor which includes an electric locking system to ensure that the doors can be securely fixed in any position. This method of locking ensures the highest level of security.

Reduces Door Hazards

The Genius frameless glass door operator has a unique design feature that minimises the gap between the glass door and the side light. Dimension between the panels can be reduced to <8mm in compliance with AS5007 requirement to safe guard against draw in hazard.


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