Area of Application: –
-Government Buildings
– Palaces
– Military Facilities
– Embassies
– Banks
– Airports
– Power Stations
– Refineries
– Industrial Areas



1.Area of Application:

  • Government Buildings
  • Palaces
  • Military Facilities
  • Embassies
  • Banks
  • Airports
  • Power Stations
  • Refineries
  • Industrial Areas

2.Product Description:

The housing and the blocking element of the road block system are designed in full core steel profile construction to absorb static impact loads up to 5000 kN. Tensile strength of structural steel components: 490 – 600 N/ mm² Wall thickness of structural components: 10 – 20 mm Blocking height above road level: 700mm

The blocking element with the integrated anti-deflection device is electro- hydraulically operated with an electric motor of adequate size (230/400 V, 50/60 Hz, 3-phase current). The electro-hydraulic drive unit as well as the electrical PLC- control are installed in a weather-proof lockable steel casing for outdoor installation on a concrete base (max. 20m distance from road block).

Raising time of the blocking element:” approx. 3 sec. Lowering time of the blocking element:” approx. 3 sec.


Heavy Duty Automatic Road Blocker Features: ● High level hydraulic power system, reliable in working; ● PLC Control Unit; ● All electric system located in above ground, the parts under ground is IP68, can be in water for a long time, easy earth work, simple to maintain ; ● All parts are individual, easy to disassemble, check, replace if needed, no require damaging the ground base and blocking wall ; ● Main housing is galvanized and with painting, steel used thickness is over 25mm, pricker is processed by heat treatment ; ● Manual release overide when power failure ; ● Manual lift is available whenpower failure ;   LZZ-3000 RoadBlocker Tested Dimensions :                  Lifted Height 430mm, Width 3000mm Lifted height:                                430mm Standard colour range:             Black,Green, Yellow,Gray,Blue Foundations:                            A 3000mm width LZZ-3000 RoadBlocker unit: Width:                                           3300mm Depth:                                          700mm Length:                                         1100mm Control Cabinet                          1200mm x900mm x700mm foundations:                             Wiring ducts have to be incorporated into foundation Speed of operation:                   Standard speed: <4 seconds EFO (Extra Fast Operation) available ● raising time:<3.5 sec ● lowering time:<4 sec ● Blocking width:3000mm ● Blocking height:430 mm ● lifting power:2-4 ton ● pressure ability :>60 ton ● working temperature :-40℃—+70℃(depending on the hydraulic oil performance) ● Working voltage:380V 50/60Hz ● main housing galvanized 1) Mainly used to control vehicles at customs, military bases, important government departments, airports, jails, nuclear power stations, docks and logistic centers. 2) Solid and endurable structure, strong bearing capacity 3) Perform exact control and operate reliability and stably 4) Able to adapt to the advance working environment under working temperature: -20- 50°C 5) Low-pressure hydraulic driving mode is used 6) Less trouble rate, high reliability, long service life, less and easy maintenance 7) Can combine with other control equipment to realize auto control 8) Manual operating mode is provided 9) In case of electric failure or trouble, it can manually operate the movable barrier to return to the horizontal position.



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