Cookie Crush

Cookie crush is a game developed by match 3 games which is primarily focused in training our brain. Cookie crush love is the game name displayed in google playstore and the link for download of this match 3 game is:    

Automatic Gates

Automatic gates are of 2 types, Automatic Sliding gates Automatic Swing gates ZAMTAS supplies a broad and quality auto doors to its customers. Our head office lies in Sydney whereas other offices are in Pakistan. We integrate the world’s best German technologies and change with time so that our products are loved by our customers.

Auto Doors

Automatic doors are broadly categorised in 2 categories, they are, Automatic Sliding Doors and Automatic Swing Doors. ZAMTAS is selling its auto doors with Australian standard from more than 20 years. We have a dedicated team to assemble, fit and maintenance.

auto doors

ZAMTAS After Sales and Support Services​

ZAMTAS is a auto door selling company along with various other products such as automatic doors, automatic gates, sliding doors, sliding gates, swing gates, swing doors, automatic barriers, road blockers, traffic lights, urban lights, led lights and also we deal with different solutions such as security solutions  which consists of metal detector walk-through gates x-ray …

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