Automatic Doors

Heavy Duty Automatic Sliding Door operators for automatic doors.

Features :

  • Slimline Design and designed for new standards. 
  • High Tech
  • Quiet operation.
  • High Safety Standards
  •  Optional high security locking and battery back up system
  •  Energy Efficient.
  • Compact modular design of motor drive system. Quality and performance at an affordable price.

Advanaced technology heavy duty automatic sliding door operators are latest in digital technology, giving the control unit multiple programmable modes including provision to interface with building security systems, monitoring the door position status, built-in UPS. The microprocessor operators parameters can be adjusted to accomodate various climate conditions and specific site requirements in relation speed, braking etc. safety is priority and the control unit processor will automatically reverse the operation in both opening and closing should the door be obstructed, PE safety beams mounted to focus across the doorway will half the operation immediately upon beam interruption. 

Tracking system is dual linear which is designed for high security and longer service life. The carriage wheels are fitted with unique track wheels that eliminates the possibility of the doors disengagement from the track.  The system can carry door leafs up to 125kg per leaf.