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Products & solutions to meet requirements for your residential, commercial, and industrial projects.

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Automatic Sliding Doors

Heavy Duty Automatic Sliding door operators for framed and frameless glass door entries.  Applications areas include residential , commercial , offices, Hospitals, Public and Industrial areas. Heavy Duty Operators Australian and European Designed & Made. Most of our door operators come with 3 years warranty.


High Speed Roll Up Doors

High Speed Roll up doors designed and made for fast opening and closing of roller doors commonly used to control climate conditions of your workspace, warehouse, process room, cleanroom, or workshops. These high speed doors provide an efficient solutions for various commercial and industrial applications.

Automatic Gates

Automatic Gate operators for sliding, Swing Gates, Sliding gate motor for gates upto 5000Kg , Swing Gate motors for diffrent gate sizes. Available for Residential, Commercial and Industrial Gates, European Technology designed and made for intensive use.

auto doors
Make life Easier with our Automatic Doors

Heavy Duty Automatic door operators for creating a great user-friendly entrance, exit for the pedestrians .

With your budget being the only limit, we supply multiple types of automatic doors.

Heavy Duty Automatic Door Operators for sliding, swing door entries, to convert your existing manul door to an automatic entry or a completely new automatic door installation. Australian and European Door Technologies.

Featured Product:

Contactless Switch

Secure your customers and your business: our CONTACTLESS SWITCH is the best solution for a contactless opening.

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ZAMTAS Technologies offers high quality products at competitive prices backed by highest standardrs of back up support. We believe in total customer satisfaction.  We can provide

Automatic Door Technologies  to meet customers requirements for their residential, commercial, Industrial Projects ,Food & Beverage Industries, Pharmaceutical Industries.

SS-TEK Solutions , Branch office in Pakistan, providing Hi Tech Solutions for Industrial, Building, Aut0mation , IT, and Hardware.


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